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Singularity Package is an integrated liability insurance policy engineered for developers, operators, and service providers. This package minimizes coverage gaps and offers highly competitive rates.

Technology Errors & Omissions Our Robotics Technology E&O protects your company from deployment-specific accidents. We cover third-party bodily injury and property damage from your robot fleets, including liability from software and hardware-related issues.

Cyber Liability Cyber Liability protects your company from rogue hacks affecting robotics operations. From central command to individual units, we cover losses so you can build market confidence in your products and services.

Product Liability Product Liability protects your company from product defects that result in accidents following the transfer of ownership of the robots to your customers. We cover a variety of situations, from hardware design errors to software development issues.

General Liability General Liability protects your company from accidents 
and injuries on your premises, such as company offices, development labs, manufacturing facilities, and test fields.

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What is the Singularity Package?
The Singularity Package is a comprehensive form of liability coverage that protects developers, operators, and service providers from multiple risks at once. Essentially, this package is a combination of General Liability, Technology Errors & Omissions, and Cyber Liability tailored to companies in the robotics space. Sign up today to get a quote!
Who is eligible for the Singularity Package?
The Singularity Package is perfect for most operators, from start-ups looking to pilot a single on-site robot to multi-million-dollar operators with hundreds of robots deployed. Learn more about the industries and use cases we cover here.
How does it differ from other coverages?
With the Singularity Package, you don't need multiple policies from different insurance providers. This helps you avoid overlapping coverage and unnecessary expenses. This package has all the convenience of a combined policy, and it uses actual robotics language to avoid claim payout ambiguity. Thanks to our proprietary pricing plans, we offer more competitive rates than other providers.
How can I get a quote today?
There are two ways to get a quote today. Either follow this link to sign up for the platform, or let your broker know about us right here. If you’re unsure about how to proceed, our team of insurance specialists is happy to assist you!
I have existing policies but would like to switch. How can I do that?
It is simple. You can renew with us once your current policy lapses or cancel your existing policy immediately. Please get in touch with your broker if you want to cancel your current policy. Your broker can assist you by getting a quote from us, or you can get a quote yourself right here

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Comprehensive liability coverage for developers, operators, and service providers. Powered by unparalleled technology and industry expertise.

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