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What Is Product Liability?

Product Liability is designed to protect your company from third-party injuries or damages arising from defects or deficiencies in your products. Historically, this type of coverage was developed for manufacturers of consumer goods and industrial products. Recently, it has expanded to hardware developers, among other businesses. Product Liability typically applies when the developer of a product or system relinquishes control following sale or lease. For example, a consumer robotics producer might take out coverage to protect itself against claims due to errors in the development or manufacturing stages. Read More

Product Liability coverage can be purchased on a standalone basis or as part of a General Liability policy. Either way, it's a must-have for most manufacturers and developers.
Why Product Liability With Us?
Gain complete operational confidence with Product Liability coverage available on the Singularity Platform.

Protect Operations Cover your robotics operations and fleet deployments with an insurance policy that lives up to the most sophisticated technology.

Control Risk Take advantage of our platform for complete visibility into your risk profile, coverage gaps, and areas of improvement.

Assure Customers Satisfy customer requirements with a suite of automation-friendly insurance policies powered by thoughtfully designed workflows.

Increase Adoption Promote your products and services by working with an insurance partner that eliminates uncertainty and understands risk.

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